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We are small private breeders aiming to produce quality puppies from the best bloodlines to ensure excellent temperament, bone structure, conformation and ability for either show, working or family pets. We have seven wonderful ladies:

Our foundation bitch Lizzie, now very sadly deceased
Lizzie's obituary. Lizzie's pedigree

Maisie also retired, having give us three wonderful litters, now very sadly deceased
Maisie's obituary. Maisie's pedigree

India who is now enjoying her retirement having given us some fabulous puppies including our own youngster "Isobel" who will hopefully continue this wonderful line
India's pedigree

Lucy We lost dear Lucy on 22nd December 2010 at the age of 13yrs. Lucy was our secondhand rose, having had four owners before coming to us at 4 yrs old. Her breeder Tricia Grime (Ansona Gundogs) kindly gave her to us so that she would have a lifelong home. Lucy repaid us a hundred fold with her love and devotion. She was the most loyal and loving girl and a wonderful mother to her beautiful puppies including her Show Champion son Oakmoreton Ptarmigan (Luka) and many others who all inherited her kind nature and loving temperament. Lucy was a a brave fighter in her final months of illness and outlived her vets expectaions. Lucy will be greatly missed and fondly remembered.
Lucy's Pedigree

Asia - Daughter of Maisie & Grandaughter of Lizzie. Sire - Sh Ch Ansona Murphy
Asia's pedigree

Isobel - Daughter of India and Grandaughter of Lizzie. Sire Ch & Ish Ch Enryb Christmas Party JW
Isobel's pedigree

We are a member of the Kennel Club Accrredited Breeder Scheme. The aim of the scheme is to provide a framework to encourage the breeding of healthy, well-adjusted puppies. It lays down a series of requirements that breeders must follow in order to participate in the scheme. Further information is available at www.the-kennel-club.org.uk

Please feel free to give Theresa Oakes a ring for a chat on 01686 621045. She will be only too pleased to answer any questions you might have about the breed and its suitability for your family and life.

Oakmoreton Weimaraners Oakmoreton The Kennel Club: Accedited Breeder Scheme


The Weimaraner Pros & Cons


Weimaraners are highly intelligent, fast learners. This is part of what makes them so appealing. They're so expressive. Sometimes they seem to be trying to communicate on a human level, with their exaggerated expressions, yawns, and vocalizations. Most Weims learn basic commands, housebreaking, and simple tricks like shaking paws quite easily.They thrive on learning new things.

Weimaraners are highly skilled hunters. They are superb tracking dogs.This instinct is still there in our pet weimaraners.

Weimaraners are loyal and devoted to the people they love. Weims want more than anything else to be around you and your family and to join in with family life.

Weimaraners are fun loving and very playful.

Weimaraners are canine athletes. They're great pets for active families, sportsmen, hikers, and outdoor types.

Weimaraners are natural watch dogs. They are protective of those they love.

The sleek, classic Weimaraner coat needs only light maintenance, just an occasional brushing, to stay great looking. The short length and neutral color means little, if any, visible dog hair on your clothes and furniture.


Sometimes they're too smart. They quickly learn how to open doors... some are escape artists. They soon catch on if you give weak commands and will pretend they are deaf!!. They need abundant attention and lots of interesting Weimaraner-proof toys, chews, bones. etc. A bored Weimaraner WILL find fun things to do. Young Weims with nothing to play with or chew, will try whatever is within reach.

Their enhanced sense of smell finds anything. A Weim will empty a waste bin for the jelly bean on the bottom. Some type of high garden fence is needed to keep a Weim from wandering off after whatever smells good just around the corner.

Weimaraners like to be close to those they love...very close... like on your lap, or in your bed... sharing your pillow.They like to be touching you even when sitting on the floor. These dogs insist on being part of the family. Separation anxiety can be a problem and can result in destructive behaviour. Crate training as a puppy is recommended. Do not consider this breed if you are at work all day - it won't work and is unkind to the dog.

Young Weimaraners can be mischievous, stubborn and demanding. Firm, consistent training is a must.

Most Weimaraners are energetic dogs. They need lots of exercise and mental stimulation. If you don't have a large outdoor area where they can run, be prepared to take them for lots of long walks. Any large, energetic breed is not a good choice for the elderly and will need strict management around small children.

Weimaraners will bark when visitors approach but generally are not nuisance barkers unless they are left alone for long periods. They can bark incessantly if this is the case. Neighbours tend to frown on that.

Are You Ready For a Weimaraner???? If you think this may be the breed for you, give us a ring and we will tell you more about this wonderful breed.